About Me And Hatha Yoga


I am Yakshini, Hatha Yoga Teacher trained with Isha Foundation in the year 2019 and Functional Medicine Health Coach based in Swindon UK.

I have undergone 1750 hours of Intense Hatha Yoga training in the beautiful ashram setting of Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore under the grace of my living master, Sadhguru!

I am a certified Health coach with the aim to provide holistic health care offerings through the ancient yogic science and modern & clinical approach to offer, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Isha Kriya, Yogic Food and Nutrition and Lifestyle transformative workshop for absolute wellbeing.

Whether you are looking to overcome a chronic health condition, or seeking to improve your health in general, or seeking a stress-free life, or seeking clarity, or wanting to boost your energy levels or looking for deep relaxation or bizarre mad about fitness and yogic lifestyle, we have the answer for each one of you!

surya kriya

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is about kneading the body in such a way that the body itself is not a hurdle but a stepping stone in one’s life towards absolute wellbeing, success, growth, health and ultimate possibility!

'HA' means 'Sun' and 'TA' means 'Moon' so, HATHA YOGA means the 'Sun' and 'Moon' Yoga which are within a human system known as the Ida (left nadi) and Pingala (right nadi)!

The whole science of Hatha Yoga is to bring balance between the Ida and Pingala for complete wellness and transcendence beyond the body and mind to explore higher dimensions of life!

Isha Hatha Yoga programs are an unparalleled opportunity to learn practices derived from a yogic tradition maintained in its full purity and vibrancy for thousands of years.

The classes are conducted in a very conducive and committed atmosphere in utmost purity and integrity the way Sadhguru has designed it to be.

Benefits of doing Hatha Yoga


You do not need to attend our sessions daily, we teach you in such away that you become independent within two days during the workshop and fall in love with your body, and your system reminds you to practice yoga every day in the comfort of your home, we watch you too!


You will learn Hatha Yoga in an ancient, classical way with no adulteration or modifications to the original postures in a conducive and committed atmosphere in all integrity and purity the way it is meant to be!


The practices are not taught merely for physical fitness and strength. They are a holistic process of naturally achieving a certain mastery over the body and mind, so as to come to a state of health, joy, and bliss ideal for today’s hectic pace of today’s world


Saves you time and effort by increasing your efficiency and productivity to do any tasks, sharpens your intellect, relieves you of pain and chronic illness, boots your energy and vigour, keeps you light and active, alleviates frustration, anger and instils positive feeling of self- love and worth!


You do not need previous yoga experience- You will receive all necessary knowledge and skills in our workshops


You do not need to be flexible, but you will gain immense flexibly in our workshops